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  • Usually, walks are 1-1 but they can sometimes have multiple dogs (3 max).

  • I will never mix your dog(s) with reactive or unsociable dogs. I will judge how they are together by breed and personality. If you do not want your dog to be socialised with another dog, then the booking will be limited.

  • I provide everything needed for a walk/adventure day; Clicker - Leash/Longline - Poo bags - Light-up collar or tag (nighttime walks) - Water/water bowl - Training treats. I also have a shower available, so I can now rinse your dog(s) down if they get super muddy on adventures with me and then dry them off.

  • If your dog is reactive, then will always be walked solo. This can be useful if your dog is unsociable/reactive to other people/dogs. This will all be discussed during our consultation.

  • I will only ever let your dog off-leash with your permission, however, if they have little to no recall then they will be put on a long line, this is a rope, like they use with horses, and is not retractable.

  • There is a £4 extra charge per extra dog on top of the normal fee if walking together (from the same household).

  • Dogs must not be aggressive/extremely dominant.

  • Dogs must have a collar and tag with personal details, it is a lawful requirement.


Extreme Hot Weather;

Temperatures around the 22/24 degree mark with little to no clouds between 11 am - 4 pm are classed as hot weather. If shaded walks are near, then walks will continue but at only 20 minutes max. Anything above 24 degrees will have walks converted into visits. I will message you to let you know that your booking will be converted into a pet visit (still 45 minutes). Your booking will not be cancelled on my end so if you do not wish for a visit you will need to let me know to cancel/rearrange.

  • Fresh cold water is always provided on all walks.

  • A shower to spray down/clean is always on standby in the car

  • If transporting in hot weather, a cool matt will be provided.



If you are having a morning/evening walk, and they have not yet eaten I recommend feeding your dog 1 hour before having vigorous activities with me. (Dog owners should realise that the risk of life-threatening ‘bloat’ (gastric dilation and volvulus) increases when dogs participate in vigorous activity within 1 hour after feeding, especially for large or deep-chested breeds). If your pets are having a day/night sit, then feeding is already included, I am happy to feed them at the times you specify.


I can legally walk up to 4 dogs however my max is 3. Sizing up your dog is very important for the safety of me and the animal. I can walk 1 x-large dog at one time, 2- large dogs at one time, 3 medium dogs at one time, and 3 tiny, x-small, and small at one time.

Dog Trainer & Animal Behaviourist
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