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Frequently asked questions

Where will my dog be walked?

Your dogs will be going on many adventures in and around whiteley in all the forests, and ocasionally routes around Fareham/Funtley/Titchfield. If there is any specific route you want me to take while dog sitting then we can discuss this during the consultation.

Do you accept puppies?

Yes! Aslong as they have had their first and second vaccination. If it is just pet sitting, without any walks, then I can accept puppies who are not yet vaccinated.

Do you accept all dog breeds?

Yes! However, I only accept dogs that are non-aggressive. This includes being dominant with food. They do not have to be overly socialable though. If we are training any behavioural probelms then I will of course accept all dog breeds.

Will you train my dog?

Basic commands will always be apart of the day/evening sitting. This includes sit, stay, leave, come and down. Of course, if you already have commands that are slightly differant already set in place then I will use the ones the dog has already learnt. If you are looking to make your puppy or dog obedient, then a full training plan can be made by me by purchasing a training session.

Do I need to be home for pick up/drop off?

Of course not. Most customers are happy to give a set of spare keys so that they don't have to rush back and from their home.

What insurance/training do you have?

WiggleWaggles is fully insured with Direct Line Public Liability Insurance. I am fully DBS checked. I am fully qualified in Dog Walking, Dog Behaviour & Training, Pet First Aid/CPR, Dog Grooming and Pet Nutrition. All forms are printed out for your reference within your welcome pack.

What happens in an emergency?

Once the situation is assessed, we will call you immediately. Your dog will be taken to your preferred vets, or if necessary to the nearest veterinary practice. All your dogs veterinary information given at the consultation will be handed over.

Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

Yes. They will need to be up to date with their vaccinations. All dogs also need to be up to date with worming and flea treatments.

My dog in on medication, can you administer this?

Yes, with your permission. All details will be on my notes during the consultation regarding dosage, times ect.

Will be dog be supervised at all times?

Yes, your dog will NEVER be unattended while under my care.

Do you accept customers outside of Whiteley?

This really does depend on the distance. Generally I will travel up to 5 miles from my Postcode. Feel free to get in contact and ask.

Can I bring my dog to you?

I have a lot of animals within my own home, and I do not want to stress out any of my personal pets. I completely understand if you do not feel comfortable with handing over a spare set of keys. I am happy to meet you at a spcific place (depending on the distance) or at your home.

How do I pay?

You can either pay with cash, bank transfer or by card. Currently I am only accepting cash or bank transfer payments. I am currently waitng on a card reader to take card payments face to face.

Can I pay in advance?

Yes, after the first initial cash payment if you want to pay in bulk for future bookings that is perfectly fine. We will agree on a payment schedule and you will be invoiced accordingly. All booking have to be paid for in advance unless we have an alter agreement. I do offer monthly packages which work out cheaper, at a discounted rate. If you choose this option then you can always move appointments around as long as I have at least 24 hours notice.

What happens if an accident does occur?

Unfortunately, accidents can happen and in the unlike hood that they do, you will be notified straight away on your emergency contact along with any necessary precautions I believe should be taken, for example going to the vet linked to your animal.

Most of my clients have a pay later system with vets. If this is not the case then this is something you should set up. However, I am happy to cover any small fees (no more than £100) as long as I am reimbursed within 10 days of initial receipt.


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