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WiggleWaggles will not answer any calls, but please feel free to leave a voice message with your name and number if you would prefer to call.


You can also contact me via my Facebook page or for an urgent reply, you can message my Whatsapp Business via 07368 855 790



WiggleWaggles will be fully closed periodically throughout the year. You will be given notice ASAP if any bookings are affected, and you can always check here for future dates.

  • CLOSED June 5th 2023- July 10th 2023

  • CLOSED November 20th 2023 - January 7th 2024

This is just a brief calendar and does not include reserved (24-hour) bookings.

Please message me with any dates to double confirm if your bookings are available as I might be able to fit you in. You can click on any given day and it will bring up more information.

  • Do you accept customers outside of Whiteley?
    Yes, however if you are 5 miles or more out, then there is an extra charge of £5 to all services (unless stated otherwise).
  • What insurance/training do you have?
    WiggleWaggles is fully insured with Direct Line Public Liability Insurance. I am fully DBS checked. I am fully qualified in Dog Walking, Dog Behaviour & Training, Pet First Aid/CPR, Dog Grooming and Pet Nutrition.
  • What happens in an emergency?
    Once the situation is assessed, we will call you immediately. Your dog will be taken to your preferred vets, or if necessary to the nearest veterinary practice. All your dogs veterinary information given at the consultation will be handed over.
  • Do you accept puppies?
    Yes! Aslong as they have had their first and second vaccination. If it is just pet sitting, without any walks, then I can accept puppies who are not yet vaccinated.
  • Will you train my dog?
    Basic commands will always be apart of the day/evening. This includes sit, stay, leave, come and down. Of course, if you already have commands that are slightly differant already set in place then I will use the ones the dog has already learnt. If you are looking to make your puppy or dog obedient, then a full training plan can be made by me by purchasing a training session.
  • My dog in on medication, can you administer this?
    Yes, with your permission. All details will be on my notes during the consultation regarding dosage, times ect.
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