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As you are aware I have been going through some of my own personal issues with my own animals so I have had some time to think about where I want WiggleWaggles to go moving into 2023. As much as I enjoy working every day, I have decided that I will be cutting back on all services provided as well as having some closed days.


Below are the 2023 terms and conditions. You can also find this on the website under contact. Please make sure you fully read it, you can accept it via the registration form.

Download PDF • 192KB

Major Changes;


Do you all remember those welcome packs? Well, it took a long time to figure out a way to make it easier for not only me but yourselves but I have the answer now.

For new clients, a meet and greet are still mandatory however you can choose to go through this at a later date rather than with me. If you still wish to go over the registration when I am there then that is also fine!

For current clients; this does mean that you have to fill this out to use my services in 2023 however, a lot of you have been with me for years so having an updated form is crucial. If for whatever reason you do not wish to sign a new form, then I will regrettably have to terminate any future bookings you have with me.

If you wish to register a canine, click here.

If you wish to register a small pet, click here.


As of 2023, I will be closed on all Fridays (unless I am already sitting then I will allocate up to 3 bookings.) I have decided that Friday will be my mini break for myself and my family. Please do still contact me regarding Friday as IF I am able to help I will of course love to.

- Reminder; Fridays will be classed as a weekend rate


- Regular walks will now be cut from 4 to 2/3 per day.

- Sitting bookings will now be allocated to one client per month

Just as an update I currently only have November & December available for sitting 2023.