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Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Firstly, THANK YOU to everyone who bought from my dehydrated range. I had so many orders and I am genuinely so happy with how they came out. The support has been amazing and I cant wait to have these live on Etsy soon!

May has been crazy for me, hence the title! But of course, I am super ecstatic, but due to being so busy, I have had to tighten up on some workload. I have been making a few new changes here and there for WiggleWaggles as it keeps expanding and want to share this with you.



Invoices used to be sent directly from me making them manually and then converting them into a PDF to send to you directly. This has now been fully scrapped. I have been working on it for a few weeks when I have had the time, and I now have invoices set up on my website. There should be little change for you to worry about, in fact, quite honestly it helps me out the most! It will however mean that I can send invoices very quickly (almost immediately if the booking is available) rather than maybe a day later. It also means I can track them without having to look at my bank each time. Ultimately (a major time saver for me!)

Due to being able to track each invoice at the same time, this does mean that there is little to no room anymore for not paying deposits/full payments on time. I want to say yes to EVERYONE as I don't want to let any fur babies down, but unfortunately, if no deposit is paid, and my account does not see a payment within the time frame stated, then this will then automatically delete your booking in my calendar (smart I know!), which will then leave it open for someone else to potentially book.

I am more than happy to hold out a few days if told the day of sending the invoice, but I would like to stress that, if your invoice is out of date, please do not pay any deposits/payments to me until you have contacted me to check that the booking is still available. In some cases, it is not, and although this is not something I take lightly to happen, this is my lively hood at the end of the day and things need to keep on rolling.




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