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When is WiggleWaggles closed this year?

This is a full list for the remainder of the year into 2024 for all closures. I sent this directly a few months ago to all it affected. As you know I like to give you all as much notice as possible, so thought it would be helpful for when the new contracts start in July (so you can decide to continue with services or not).

You can check the website for ongoing updates.

- Closed June 4th 2023 and will re-open on July 10th 2023.

- Closed September 29th 2023 - October 2nd 2023

- Closed December 22nd 2023 and will re-open on Jan 8th 2024


Updated Website

I have had a little re-fresh on the website to make it a little more user friendly. I have not yet made the website fully functional for the mobile yet, so if you are viewing on your phone, please make sure to go to your internet browser settings and request ‘desktop site’ for the website you will then be able to see everything. I should have the mobile version sorted by the end of this month.

New Features

- Timetable for walks & availability for walks (will be added soon)

- Updated calendar tab (now includes closures & out of hours)

- New shop tab (will take out of holiday mode soon for launch)

- Blog Tab (available to all now)

- Family tab

Removed Features:

- Customer Portal (no log-in necessary now)

- Birthday sign up (unfortuatley the company I used were not emailing me of sign ups.


How to contact WiggleWaggles?

I am slightly changing how contacting me works. I get a lot of WhatsApp messages throughout the day and with how busy I am, a lot of these get missed and pushed back, or I can’t respond as easily at the time of receiving and can end up forgetting to respond.

Email will now be the best way to contact me regarding bookings. I will check emails first thing in the morning and last thing at night and will prioritise these messages first.

Email: Urgent ad hoc booking, new booking enquiry, dog sitting enquiry, new client enquiry.

WhatsApp: Chat to me if I am currently animal sitting for you, sending me dates for pick’n’mix walking.

Please do not Whatsapp me regarding booking dates for animal sitting as I cannot guarantee I will respond in a timely manner.


You can also go to the website under contact and fill out a form that also sends me an email.


Regular Walking Update

I am going to be cutting back on regular walks from July 2023 onwards, and only offering this service for up to two clients per day. (Thursday OR Tuesday might end up being three as these have always been my busiest days.) There will also now be specific requirements for regular walks just so I can prioritise those in need.

  1. Availability Monday through Thursday @ 10am/11am slots

  2. ONLY available to clients who are not home.

  3. Minimum of 2 walks per week

  4. Whiteley residents ONLY

Just a reminder: 45 minute slot @ £12 (+£4 per extra dog)


Pick’n’mix Walking Update

I have had a few changes to this services as I am trying to make it work a bit better for me and fit in with everything else. From July onwards: PICK’N’MIX walks will have allocated time slots. I am aware this might affect some current clients and I can only apologise for this. Some regular clients might prefer to opt for this option as it has more flexibility.

I may be able to offer other times outside of the allocated slots, so please still ask.

  1. Morning availability: 8am, 9am (occasionally might have a 10am)

  2. Afternoon availability: 3pm, 4pm

  3. Evenings (5pm onwards), Fridays and weekends are classed as peak bookings.

  4. Minimum 5 per month (used to be 6)


ETSY Shop inbound!

As you all are aware Milö my eldest furbaby, was a big inspiration when I started with all natural and hypoallergenic treats, as he is highly allergic to most foods. I could not find anything that was free from what he was allergic but also not crazy expensive! So, I decided to make an affordable range of snacks for all. That all took off really well but with being so busy dog sitting and other life commitments I had to pause what I loved doing until I was ready to fully commit.

Since then till now I have been working on products for my own furbabies so that I can add them along side my all natural treats and chews. Both Milö and Ödin are big chewers

Milö has sore and itchy skin, dissects every toy from the seem until they evaportate and he cant have any nasties (which are in most branded treats) in his food, and Ödin is a big baby who loves to chew on all his toys (and most if any don’t last up to the job!).

Since then I have been working hard to add new products to go along side my all natural treats. This has taken a good 8 months to prepare (outsourcing custom packaging, branding and that good stuff!) I am still testing things out things to perfect, but Milö and Ödin (who have tried on, tasted, and played with all ideas I have brought to them) have been the best little CEO’s so that I can truly say ‘THIS WORKS!’.

As of today I can say for the most part everything is ready in terms of products and what I want to share with the world (Yay).

I wanted to start small but also have enough for everyone to at least browse. Everything is all homemade OR carefully selected after using on my own fur-babies. I had a lot of fun making my own labels and all products will be made to order, all from my outside summer house (turned into a work studio).

All active clients who are using my services like regular walks, pick’n’mix walks or have an active sitting booking currently booked in will receive 10% off the whole store for every purchase. I have yet to set this up yet but will have a code ready soon. I will probably send this code out to all that qualify via email OR you can just email/WhatsApp me.

The shop will go live on March 27th 2023!

Just a few things I will be selling but might change closer to the time.

WiggleWaggles Care

- Paw & Snoot Balm for Canines - 30ml

- Canine Deodoriser & Conditioning Baby Powder Spritz - 30ml/250ml

- Non-Slip Lick Mat

WiggleWaggles 100% Dehydrated

- 100% Chicken Chompers

- 100% ’Tishy Cubes

WiggleWaggles MightyMeaty Treats

- Chicken Sticks

- Beef Coins

WiggleWaggles Hypoallergenic Bakes

- Be Mine Muffin & ’Choco’ Biscuit

- Birthday Surprise Box (includes muffin)

- Selection Box (Christmas, Easter, Valentines, Halloween)

WiggleWaggles ToughTeeth Toys

- Dog-O-Soar Frisbee (Ödin approved!)

- Glow in Dark Ball (Ödin approved)

WiggleWaggles Dog Walking

- Ultimate Dog Walking Bag Bundle

Included; poo-bag dispenser, premium strap choice in white or black, scented poo bags, poop holder in white or black, paw & snoot balm, canine deodoriser & conditioning baby powder spritz 30ml, clicker, treats inside treat pouch & free random gift.

- Dog Walking Bag (inc Poo-Bag Dispenser & Strap)

- Poop Holder and clip

- Interchangeable Bag Strap (White or black)

WiggleWaggles Customs

- Handmade Dog Collar

- Handmade Dog Lead

- Handmade Resin Pet Tag (small, medium, large - paw print, bone, cat, fish, circle)

- Custom Christmas Stocking (filled/empty)

- Custom Bandana (name or slogan)

- Engraved Pet Tag

- Engraved Wood Pet Photo

Thanks for reading the update!

If you have any questions just shoot me an email :)

Sincerely, WiggleWaggles <3



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