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Hope you have all been enjoying the weather this month!

Due to the heat, I have had to tweak my terms and conditions regarding weather, cancellations and what happens if it is too hot to walk your furbabies. You can see this live on the official website now.

Extreme Hot Weather;

Temperatures around the 22/24 degree mark with little to no clouds between 10am-4pm are classed as hot weather. If shaded walks are near, then walks will continue but at only 20 minutes max. Anything above 24 degrees will have walks be converted into visits. I will message you to let you know that your booking will be converted into a pet visit (still 45 minutes). Your booking will not be cancelled on my end so if you do not wish for a visit you will need to let me know to cancel/rearrange.

  • Fresh cold water is always provided on all walks.

  • A shower to spray down/clean is always on standby in the car

  • If transporting in hot weather, a cool matt will be provided.


Although I tweak my terms and conditions every now and then when certain things pop up, I have decided now to have a full update to my current terms and conditions, including a question for sitting to make sure that I am the right person for you and your furbabies.

Due to a huge change in these conditions and having a new welcome pack I have decided that all current clients will need to re-sign a new welcome pack. A lot of my clients are 6 years old so this gives you a chance to read through and update any personal information for yourself and also your animals.

It also means that you are then up to date with the current conditions. I have also added a clause that any future changes you will automatically agree to unless you tell me otherwise. You can view the most up-to-date terms and conditions on the official website under contact where you can download.

I cannot accept any future bookings unless signed so please make sure to either download and sign or I can bring my iPad for you to sign in person.