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I can't believe July 2022 has snuck up on us so quickly - crazy!?


I firstly want to say thank you to everyone who wished Milö a happy 7th birthday end of June.

I had way too much fun making him a little birthday party haha! Ödin deffinatly enjoyed himself too!

I also want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday this month. You are all so kind, the cards, cakes and gifts. I really do appreciate it and made me feel very blessed 🙏


I don't have much to relay this month apart from I have now posted out when WiggleWaggles will be fully closed for this year.

I have not quite notified everyone via email yet however I have posted on Facebook. If you have not yet seen the post, below are the dates.

September 2022;


  • 13th - 22nd FULLY CLOSED.

This includes regular bookings. I have tried to give you all as much notice as possible.