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Please click here to register your dog(s) with WiggleWaggles so that they can join the WiggleWaggles family.


Registration is mandatory for ALL clients as of 2023 and no future bookings can be made until this is complete. with this new system, please make sure to read carefully, and if you are a new client feel free to ask me any questions you might have about the terms and conditions when we have our meet and greet.

If you wish to register a small pet (Feline, Rabbit etc) click here.


Download the most recent compact price list here.


Welcome to Wiggle Waggles, the one pit stop for all your fur-babies needs.


A bit about myself?


I am a qualified dog trainer & animal behaviourist. I specialize in reactive and misunderstood canines. I also have experience with felines, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, degus, and even chickens!


My services include making homemade 100% natural treats, animal/house sitting, animal visits, dog walking, grooming, pet taxi, nail clipping, new puppy training, obedience training (for all ages), agility, specific training & and nutritional advice.

I have a HUGE passion for canine training, and I love working with puppies building up a foundation of confidence, obedience, and respect. However, I also love helping those canines whose families don't have many options left and are struggling with the big wide world. (which we all know can be scary sometimes!)

I appreciate that entrusting another person with the care of your animals is an important and also somewhat difficult decision. Wiggle Waggles has now been in business for 9 years so you can be assured that you are dealing with a professional and reputable business. I offer reliability, consistency, and accountability. I treat all your fur babies as if they are my own.



WiggleWaggles is closed on all Fridays unless I have a sitting booking already in place.

If this is the case then I will allow up to 3 extra services that day.


Monday - Thursday: (8 am - 4 pm) Off-Peak Hours

Friday - Sunday: (+ 4 pm onwards) Peak Hours


If you have an emergency, then please notify me regardless if it's on a closed day as I might be able to help. Just note this is ONLY for emergencies, not holidays, and will be charged peak rates.

I provide services for Whiteley (where I reside), Locks Heath, Warsash, Park Gate, and any surrounding areas that are within 5 miles of my residence. All my services are charged a standard rate and outside of a 5-mile radius (+£5)


Fully DBS Checked

Clean Drivers Licence & Own Vehicle

Fully Insured with Direct Line


Pet Nutrition

Dog Walking

Dog Grooming

Animal First Aid & CPR

Dog Behaviourist & Training

New Puppy & Dog Training

Doggy Dessert Chef

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