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Welcome to Wiggle Waggles, The one pit stop for all your animals needs. I am a qualified dog walker & animal behaviourist. This includes animal/house sitting, animal visits, grooming, obedience training (for all ages) & nutritional advice.

I appreciate that entrusting another person with the care of your animals is an important and also somewhat difficult decision. Wiggle Waggles has now been in business for 5 years so you can be assured that you are dealing with a professional and reputable business. I offer reliability, consistancy and accountability.



All customers MUST have consultation before they can book any appointments. During this process, I will meet you and your pets and get to know you and their needs. During this time you can ask me any questions.


This process normally last around 30 - 45 minutes depending on if there any specific questions you have. I allocate up to 1 hour maximum.


If you decide to take up my services then you will receive a welcome pack. This will need to be filled out during the consultation. After this you can then book any services you wish. I can book them all in advance for you on that day and send you a invoice at a later date.


After the consultation, your pet will be put on probation until they have been coming frequently for at least 4 weeks without any major incidents. Please don't take this as a negative, it is very much positive, so I can see how well me and your animals work together as well as with other animals.

  • All dogs are put on 'probation' due to a potential of behaviour change once they have been left in my care.

  • If the dogs social skills become unsuitable at any time, the owner is then notified, and we will resolve this privately.

  • I recommend that your dog attends at least once a week, where possible, for the dog to become routine to the daycare/walking as this will help them to mix well with the other animals as well as get used to me on a regular occurrence.



Open 24/7 for all appointments.

Closed on Boxing Day, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day.



You can provisionally book throughout the year without leaving a deposit. These bookings are marked as yellow and are not garunteed. If you want to garuntee your booking then you will need to submit a 20% booking deposit. The remainder needs to be paid 24 hours before the scheduled appoinment.

Payments can be made via bank transfer or via cash. You will recieve an invoice for all bookings.

All bank holidays are time and a half if you wish to see a list of bank holidays for this year please click here.

Closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day.

A full refund will be given if you cancel before 8pm the day before being scheduled in. If you cancel last minute with no warning, any deposits made for that booking will not be refunded. I am more than happy to move appoinments to another date as long as this is done at least 8pm the day before the initial appointment is scheduled.


Fully DBS Checked

Fully Insured with Direct Line

Pet Nutrition

Dog Walking

Dog Grooming

Animal First Aid & CPR

Dog Behaviourist & Training

New Puppy & Dog Training

Doggy Desert Chef

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Dog Walker & Animal Behaviourist
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