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I am proud to announce that Wiggle Waggles uses all-natural ingredients with no extra nasties!


We all worry about what ingredients are in our dogs' food and treats. Some people say yes to this and no to that and it can get very confusing for everyone involved! A lot of treats on the market are all 'flavours' that are added instead of the actual ingredient itself. All my treats are the real deal. Homemade, natural and of course yummy!

Minimum order value £10 - Delivery is £1.50 - FREE Delivery for all orders above £15 (within 5 miles)


I have a dog who is hypoallergenic, as well as having allergies to beef and bone marrow. I personally found it VERY hard to find anything delicious for my pup to enjoy as a treat outside of his normal meal times (which unfortunately are very boring due to his allergies.) This is why I set out to make the healthiest (but still yummy) treats for ALL dogs with and without allergies. This way I knew EXACTLY what my dog was eating, which I know you will also want to!


All my dog treats are homemade and customised to order. If there is anything that you want to try but there is an ingredient that you are not keen on then please message me and I might be able to substitute that ingredient. For example, not using blended whole oats and using coconut flour instead.

I have a baking range and also a NEW dehydrated range available to buy now!

All orders are made once a week and then all delivered once a week to save on fuel emissions.

Dog Trainer & Animal Behaviourist
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